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The motto of NCC is unity and discipline. Unity means the Oneness, irrespective of the caste, color or creed. Discipline is the basic quality for all the youth of this nation. Global institute of engineering and management is having intake of 100 cadets under the flag of 1 MP Armored Squadron, Jabalpur for SD / SW division, where SD stands for senior division for boys and SW stands for senior wing girls. The duration of NCC training in institute is 3 years, where students are enrolled in first year of their academics in institute (July-Aug). First year of NCC familiarize them with basics of NCC as an organization, in 2nd year students have to attend 2 camps as well as have to appear in 'B' certificate exam, in 3 year with compulsory 2 camp Certificates students have to appear in 'C' certificate exams. After completing the 'C' certificate successfully a large no of job opportunities knock their doors.


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