Training and Placement Cell

The Training & Placement Cell of Global College of Engineering & Management poises to create an effective base since its inception. The Training constitutes of the basic component of the cell which has the onus of making the students employable with an aim to develop them by 360 degrees by taking inputs from industries based on latest demands. This part takes care of the overall skill centric and behavior centric development of the students. The training modules include

1.   Communication Skill Advancement
2.   Personality Development
3.   In Campus & off Campus Technology Training
4.   Training Workshops
5.   Summer/Vocational/Project Trainings
6.   Behavioral Modifications

7.   Industrials Excursions
8.   Training in Mathematical Aptitude & Reasoning
9.   Industries Visit & Guest Lectures
10.   Outbound Training
11.   Psychometric Analysis
12.   Career Mapping

To name some of the major efforts which have been taken up on the account of placement, the first exercise starts with invoking of the training need analysis (TNA) and preparing corporate dossier for establishing the selection parameters and understanding the criteria of recruiters. This exercise helps the placement cell to classify the candidates on the basis of the industries to be identified for placements. The placement cell of the institute contacts, proposes, coordinates and receives the companies on the specific dates of conduct of the drive.

Our placement cell, as against the general trend, has been successfully instrumental in bringing Core Mechanical & Electronics Companies for the recruitment of the students. The placement drives so far have testimony to the fact that despite the economic slump we have been able to call the companies for all the Engineering branches including MBA to come and recruit the students on a decent compensation.
The subject teachers, technical staff and external experts are the real agents of change for T & P Cell to make the students understand the changing and demanding paradigm in the world of technology.

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