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List of College Departments

Vision & Mission

Vision of Department : To constitute a department that will provide comprehensive, qualitative education to produce competitive and industry oriented Computer Science professionals having ethical values.

Mission of Department :
M1 - To provide quality education in theory and practical aspects of Computer Science and Engineering.
M2 - Encourage students to develop leadership and entrepreneurship qualities.
M3 - Create technically skilled computer engineers who are capable to serve the society and nation.
M4 - To inculcate professional and ethical values among students.
PEOs (Program Educational Objectives)
PEO1 - To impart in depth concepts of the subject in terms of both theoretical and practical aspects to achieve excellent University results.
PEO2 - To produce technically sound engineering graduates who would fulfill the latest requirement of Computer Science and IT industry at modest cost with caliber of solving intricacies of deeper programming concepts.
PEO3 - To inculcate the lessons of communication skills, teamwork spirit and professional attitude to the budding engineering graduates.
PEO4 - In order to get versatile growth of the students, participation of students in extra curriculum activities is also made compulsory; and also to develop ethical attitude in the graduates so that they can also become good citizens of the nation.
PEO5 - To develop leadership and entrepreneurship qualities in budding graduates So that they will cherish and nourish the society and the nation with modern trends of digitization and blossom it with their unparalleled technical expertise.

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