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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is a postgraduate degree programme that enjoys a renowned presence in all industrial sectors across the globe. MBA is a versatile course offering high pay scales in every sector with big opportunities for growth through salary increments and promotions. The course aims at producing recognized managers who can boost the growth of an organization by filtering its processes and activities through effective planning and methodologies. The course majorly focuses on accounting, human resources, finances, marketing and several new domains including Information Technology. MBA students are expected to attain the traits of critical thinking, statistical data collection and analysis, analytical reasoning, planning, marketing decision making by employing IT tools in such a way that more profits are drawn with least investments.

  • Courses

    Courses offered :

    MBA : with dual specialization in HR, Marketing, Finance and IT with an intake of 180 students.

  • Department

    MBA @ GLOBAL :

    A pool of experienced and qualified faculty teaches the principles and applications of management through classroom teaching, discussion sessions, demonstrations and case studies.

    A pool of experienced and qualified faculty teaches the principles and applications of management through classroom teaching, discussion sessions, demonstrations and case studies. Additional sessions are conducted by industry professionals to align the learning of students with latest trends. Events are organized where students are encouraged to manage the tasks and play various roles of event management. Seminars and debates are organized to boost up the confidence of students. As a result, a large numbers of students have secured good marks in exams and highly paid career opportunities by exhibiting their blazing personalities. With the aim of producing vibrant and competent professionals, we have appointed highly qualified teachers with vast experience in different fields. State-of- the art infrastructure and facilities have been set up to assure a highly professional and competent learning environment. With success as the only goal for our students, we put up efforts in producing an industry ready breed of professionals.

  • Opportunities/Facilities

    Future Opportunities and Facilities :

    MBA is one of the big job oriented professional programme and the most one which has been sought by the students.

    Management programmes are a series of professional courses that offers learning through professional curriculum and teaching process thus aims to produce professionals who are ready to face industry challenges and has the ability to perform managerial duties with perfection so that the professional and the concerned organization can achieve new heights of success. The scope of MBA course is increasing day by day.

    Once a student has completed his/her degree, he/she has a great job opportunity in the industrial world. They may be the manager or executive in term of designation. The management term is most suited to the managers and that's why it is the way, where they can reach on the top of the height as soon as possible by using their leadership and working proficiency.

    An MBA professional always plays a vital role in his/her company and this is why, he/she use to keep in touch with the board of directors.

    No need to specify the companies who recruit the MBA professionals. All sectors including government and public have various industries, Companies, institutions or related organizations, come in the job prospective fields for an MBA professional.

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